Saturday, October 1, 2011

debt free!!!

The first years of my marriage my husband and I lived with so much debt. It was so hard on us because we were newlyweds and we wanted to go out all the time. We didn't know how to get rid of our debt; we were so young we didn't know what to do or who to seek. So I just started doing online research, and found a lot of good information and tricks to relief our debt. So these are a few of the steps I took,

1. The first thing my  husband and I did was we started to give our ties and offrend since we believe God is our number one provider, and we knew we had to be loyal to our God (ties is a 10 % of all your profit).
2. This one was very hard; we limited our fast-food purchases, and ate more at home
3. Next thing we did was, we only bought what we really needed, so that meant me holding back on buying a lot of shoes very hard!! Poor me, but I hanged in there
4. Another thing we started doing was FREELOADING!!! Yes, we had other people pay for us.
Well we didn't really feel bad, because we used to pay for all our friends when we use to go out. We just saw it like if they want to hang out with us there going to have to pay, and they knew we were up to our necks with debt. If you have good friends and they have money hey! Why not?
5. Another thing we learned was to pay a bit more than our minimum payment from our credit cards. If you want to see that bill decrease each month you have to pay more than the minimum payment. The reason for that is that usually the minimum payment is mostly interest charges and only a small percentage goes to your balance. We made sure we were paying more than the minimum balance, and by a year we had finished paying many credit cards.
6. Another thing we did was we stopped using credit cards for a while. Use cash as much as you can, don't use that excuse "oh I'll pay it next month" BIG MISTAKE! Next month you will have interest added.
7. When we would go to the stores, one thing that helped us save a lot of money was, I started buying store brand products, I saved a ton of money by doing this.
8. A good way to save money is also couponing and bargaining. Don't be shy to this; it will save you a lot of money.

 Follow these few tips, and it will definitely help relief your debt and prevent more debt. I hope this information has helped you. I will be adding a whole section on couponing, so make sure to stop by again to check out how to get things for 

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