Thursday, October 13, 2011

Postpartum! How do I loose that baby Fat!

I’m a very young mom; I had my first baby at 18 and went from 133 lbs to 155 lbs a lot of weight. Once I had my daughter I stayed at 145 lbs. See I’m 5'2 so that's overweight for my height. I wanted to loose weight so bad, and get in shape but I didn't know how to start, so what I began to do is online research, and I began to do a diet plan. Here is what you must do if you want to loose that baby fat, and regain your self-esteem.
1) Stop eating fast-food and junk!!
If you really want to see results you have to stop eating fast-food and junk! These foods are the foods that are mostly if not fully responsible for your gained weight.
2) Drink lots water
Begin drinking 8 glasses of water daily, not only will this maintain you hydrated, but it will also help you stay away from those sugary drinks. Many times when we are thirsty our brain can confuse thirst with hunger when in reality you are just dehydrated. That really shocked me.
3) Make healthier choices
Eat healthier, this is how your plate should look, your protein should be the size of a deck card. Don't skip your protein, very important to maintain you full longer. Also protein is key for muscle growth and toning. Now if you’re a vegan substitute with tofu or soy products, I've seen so many protein substitutes in the market like soy ground chicken and soy ground beef. There are many substitutes out there. Now if you’re a vegetarian eat eggs for protein. For grains it should be about the size of a cassette. Don't skip your grains; carbohydrates are very important for your muscles, and to be able to keep a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you have to eat good carbs known as complex, such as whole grains. Bad carbs known as simple are loaded with sugar and contain very little fiber. You should eat complex carbs like legumes and whole grains. Half of your plate should be fruits and veggies. This are low in calories and you can eat more of this and loose weight.

4) Enjoy your food
 It's been researched and proven that it takes up to 15 minutes for your body to feel full. So eat slower and enjoy the food you’re eating. One thing I would do is I would drink water before eating, this way I ate less.

5) Eat small meals 
Eating more often through out the day will not only prevent you to fall into those temptations, but will also speed up your metabolism. This also sends a signal to your brain that it dose not need to store calories. If we skip meals what we do is our body feels it needs to store those calories for energy.

6) Workout routine
To loose weight it's very important to have a planned a workout routine, and sticking to it. You have to be constant and patient to see result. Make sure your working-out according to your fitness level. Don't expect to be a pro and run a marathon in one week. Practice makes perfect, so start gradually. A workout equipment I loved using and helped me loose weight was the fitness ball

This is what I did to get back to that pre-mommy body. Hopefully this works for you too!! 

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