Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The daily routine!!

The daily routine of a stay at home mom can really get to you sometimes. I mean I thank the Lord for my two adorable children, but my goodness my daily routine was really killing me.Staying at home is such a blessing, but as a young mom one can sometimes really feel trapped home. So for a while all I would do was wake up late, cook breakfast, shower the kids, and just slack around the house. I really didn't do much home that kept me entertained. Until one day I  told myself I had to get my life in order, I couldn't continue with my boring daily routine. So the next day I did things different,
1. first I woke up early, got myself ready for the day
2. second showered the kids
3.fed the kids
4.packed up a picnic bag and took a walk to my neighborhood park
5.played with the kids in the park fed them
6.once I noticed they were tired we would head home
7. by the time we got home both were sleeping
8.this left me time to clean up and to prepare dinner
9. I would squeezed in some time to catch up with my bible reading.
10.soon after my kids would wake up and I would feed them
11. next would play with them in the living room
12. my husband would get home and he would than help me.
This is just an example of what I tried doing to mix up my old boring daily routine. Many times as stay at home moms it's very difficult , especially when you don't have energy and motivation when all you do is care for a home.As a homemaker it is hard at times to even want to spend time with your children, when all you want to do is rest. The way I would break from that would be by just pushing myself to be a great mom.Your kids want full attention mostly   all day, but is very important to make sure u leave some chores aside and take time with your kids.Stay at home mom does not necessarily mean you have to stay home. Take your kids to the park, go to church extracurricular activities, look for community events, even go to a farmers market. Many great things to mix up your day and break off that daily routine!!


  1. Yea, being a stay at home mom feels claustrophobic a lot! I admit I get kind of envious of my husband getting to talk to people every day... face to face. I think I seriously need a caffine drip to keep my eyes open throughout the day. Good luck keeping the routine... I can never seem to stick to one :^/

  2. yea it's not easy sticking to a routine but one has to or you can go nuts!!!!lol

  3. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! This is a great blog. It is so hard to stay motivated at home. It takes a lot of self discipline! I look forward to reading more blogs! April